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Mouse Girl Bib

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PATENTED SAFETY DESIGN: Patented Design Baby bib with double closure. Strategically designed for child safety. Double velcro closure in the back will make bib stay in place.  Easy bibs!  If you need to release the top Velcro for any reason, bib will not fall off.

SUPER ABSORBENT: Bibs are 100% soft cotton perfect for feeding, teething and drooling babies. Bibs are lined with a super absorbent fabric to keep drools from soaking into baby’s clothes. No more wet baby clothes!

PROMOTE SENSORY PLAY( Interactive bib): Your baby will love our handmade ultra-soft plush Mouse ears and tail! Keep him or her entertained while feeding. Also, our bibs are designed with fabric of different textures to promote tactile and sensory stimulating play.

AMAZING BABY SHOWER GIFT SET: Our cute baby boy and girl animal-themed bibs make a fun, unique and thoughtful baby shower gift and stylish baby registry item. Perfect for baptisms, christenings, weddings, dinner at a restaurant or at home!

EYE-CATCHING UNIQUE DESIGN: Our beautiful baby bibs will not only preserve your baby’s outfit but will also make your baby look incredibly adorable and unique. Great design to complement any baby outfit!

EASY TO CLEAN: This baby bib is made from washable fabrics of different textures which makes cleanup simple and convenient.

Made in the USA.


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